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We provide a variety of services that is why we are unique!



VIP Service

We've got years of experience with executing VIP services.  We know you want to arrive comfortably, and on time and we have the people to guarantee just that.  We invest the necessary time in communication and preparation to meet your needs and wants in transportation. 

Send us an inquiry for more information!



Our most requested and most provided service is a tour of parts of the island.   The island is rich with natural beauty and exotic heritage.

 In our tours to south-west of the island you can make stops at the island's:

- famous drive through volcano

- the volcanic mud baths

- spring waterfalls

-botanical gardens

- and a lot more!

The island has so much to enjoy and do from north to south and we are here to also guide you if you are indecisive as to what to do exactly. 

Send us an inquiry for more information!

Airport Transfer

We have 2 airports on the island  of St. Lucia one in the north of the island (George F.L. Charles Airport) and in the south of the island (Hewanorra International Airport).  We pick up and drop off visitors from both airports. 

Send us an inquiry for more information!

Carnival Experience

Get to experience our carnival which takes place from 18th -19th July every year and other carnival events. 

This package includes: 

- pick up upon arrival 

-round trip transportation from airport to resort 

- round trip from resort to events

Send us an inquiry for more information!

Taxi Service

Our services include:

-short and long trips

-pick up and drop off

-airport transfers

- tours and more!

Our services can include drinks, snacks and other items at the request of visitors.

Send us an inquiry for more information!



Our services cater for groups as well.   It is essential to inform us of the number of persons to allow us to cater for each person in the group. We aim to ensure each of our customers enjoy their visit on the island and our services.

Send us an inquiry for more information!


Piton hiking

Experience a hike to the top of one of our landmark pitons (Gros Piton).  The peak of the piton extends up to 2,500 ft. high. Experience an adrenaline rush during this hike to the peak along with breathtaking views and natural refreshment.  The hike may take roughly 4 hours. 


-entrance fee to be paid

-private tour guide and transfer

Send us an inquiry for more information!



Short Trip- from $10usd

Long Trip- from $75usd

Tours- from $150usd

The prices are dependent on the start point to end point and the number of persons. Please submit an inquiry for more information.

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